Rachael Munro-Fawcett is a UK-based photographer whose work examines the relationships that exist between people and their environment. With a strong social and environmental focus, her practise is driven by an ardent belief in the power of photography to facilitate discussions that initiate positive change within societies. Her work explores a diverse range of cultures, communities and landscapes, broadening the scope of conversation to include worlds that exist beyond our own socio-economic and geographical boundaries. 

Funded by Arts Council England, her long term project To Walk In Your Shoes was an insight into the daily plight of asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK. The project, supported by City of Sanctuary Manchester and PAFRAS Leeds (Positive Action for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) was widely exhibited across the north of England. Her two year project Hollin Lane (a work in progress) is a documentary exploration of a local allotment community in the North of England. 

Rachael lives in Leeds and in between projects freelances as a photographer for portrait and commercial assignments. She received a BA Hons degree in Photography from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2007 and is the founder and curator of Photographers In Isolation. 


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