Bristol Photo Festival 2021

I’m so thrilled that the portrait of Mary from my long term project Hollin Lane will be showing at Bristol Photo Festival this year as part of a participatory visual archive titled ‘Room To Grow.’ The outdoor exhibition will be showing from the 18th June -18th July at Windmill Hill City Farm. Further info here 

Other participants include  Shaun Jackson, Claudia Melina, Colin Moody, Danilo Murru, Helen Ashby, Kineta Hill, Tom Pelly, Jamie Castairs, Marco Kesseler, Rupert Hopkins, Emma Case, Horfield & District Allotment Association, Miriam Manco, Alan Mann, Jenny Roozel, Jack Bateman, Oscar Morland, Rudi Thoemmes, Colin Pantall, Christopher Manson, Steve Laurie, Darren O’Brien, Rachael Munro-Fawcett, James Hudson, Ian Harris, Mayeli Villalba, Ken Grant, Martin Parr, Peter Mitchell, Jon Roche, Jenny Lewis and Kirstin Whimster,.

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