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Hollin Lane

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Hollin Lane is a long-term photography project (2016-2020) in which I documented Hollin Lane allotments in the North of England. Prompted by a desire to re-engage with life after the loss of my father, I followed my curiosity into the grounds of Hollin Lane Allotments and immediately found solitude in its natural surroundings.

For two years I documented the passing of the seasons and the cyclical decline and renewal of the natural world with my camera. My process for the series became a quiet walk-through of the space, focusing on contemplative moments and connections with the allotment residents and objects.

Hollin Lane results in my first publication kindly made possible by Crowdfunded support. 

Title: Hollin Lane 

Design: Brian Layng 

Print run: 150 small publication

Paper: 170gsm silk 

Size: 245.00mm X 210.00mm landscape 

48 pages 

25 colour photos 

Type: Hardcover, flat spine

Afterword: Rachael Munro-Fawcett 

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